Sun Tzu

Sun Tzu

Born: 544 BC in Uncertain
Died: 496 BC (at age 48) in Wu
Nationality: Chinese
Famous For: Author of The Art of War

Sun Tzu is known for his philosophies on life, but he is also known for his military background. He was a Chinese military general that lived during the Chinese Spring and Autumn period. It is not exactly clear when he was born, but it is known he was alive from 544 BC to 496 BC.

Uncertainties of Sun Tzu’s Origins

Some experts believe he was born in Qi while others believe he was born in Wu. While it is impossible to know the truth without more proof, most experts do agree that he was born during the Spring and Autumn Period, which was the first half of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty.

Leadership in Military Life

While much of Sun Tzu’s life is not known because he lived so long ago, it is known that he served the king of Wu Helu as a general and strategist. In order to get hired by the King of Wi, Sun Tzu had to pass a test of training 180 concubines into soldiers.

He did this successfully by killing two of the king’s favorite concubines, which he then replaced. This earned him the respect of the men and showed that he could make decisions, even when the king did not agree with them. He did this in early 512 BC, which is when he also began working on his life’s philosophies.

The Art of War

Sun Tzu’s critical thinking and victories serving the king led him to write The Art of War, which is still one of the most treasured books of all time. This book was used during the Warring States period and can still be found at book stores today.

Some experts even say that his book was based on his own experience and leadership within the military, but this has not been confirmed because there are conflicting statements. This book talks about his philosophy when it comes to war and how battles can be won while conflicts are managed. It is still used today by military theorists, but also business managers that are looking for advice on public administration planning and leaders in various types of industries.

Sun Tzu’s book has been a huge influence in the lives of many different notable figures. It was used in Japan by Japanese generals after being introduced in AD 760. In fact, the Admiral of the Fleet Togo Heihachiro read this book as he helped lead Japan to victory in the Russo-Japanese War.

The United States even keeps a copy at each of the Department of the Army headquarters. Staff duty offices are responsible for preparing papers regarding the book, which they then show to their immediate officers in charge. In addition to this, The Art of War is part of the Marine Corps Professional Reading Program.

Sun Tzu’s Legacy of Leadership

Although not all details of his life are known, a show about Sun Tzu was created in 2008 by Zhang Jizhong. Titled Bing Sheng, this was a dramatic television show that consisted of 40 episodes. The first episode aired in 2010 and it can still be found today for those who want to watch. It was popular with audiences and showed a lot about how Sun Tzu’s teachings and life influenced the war, the world and China today.